The TOFS Group is diverse and versatile - from webhosting and webdesign and self-help charities and debt management companies, it's the ultimate organisation.

More About Our Company

At the TOFS Group, we aim to provide a multitude of unique, quality services to the masses. Our mantra is “give customers what they want at the lowest possible price” – as long as we make enough money to cover wages and running costs of all of our projects, we’re happy.

We’re a very big and happy family, and we firmly believe in hands-on customer support for all of our services, and enjoy communicating with customers via social networks such as Twitter and Facebook, and take pride in our customer support and response times.

We started as TOFS Webhosting, and as we gained popularity and success, we invested our profits into launching other side projects to give back to our customers and supporters.

Our work is never done: every day we’re faced with new problems and issues, and we’re always ready to tackle them head-on. Along with the constant introduction of new services and projects, we wake up every day feeling happy to be changing the world: one site at a time.

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Recent Blog Posts

November 30, 2013 |

Alberto Balsam Site Relaunch and Competitions

At TOFS Group we have been busy updating our Alberto Balsam store website with a new easier to use layout, while...

October 19, 2012 |

StopSelfHarm – 19th October 2012

Well, you may have seen we have been unable to post a tip/quote/fact today on StopSelfHarm. This is due to our...

July 7, 2012 |

Stop Self Harm website relaunches with new look

Our flagship charity website, Stop Self Harm, has officially relaunched with a brand new look and an array of new...

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